Monday Morning Fun

Well, well, it is a pleasure to be back in the office for a long day of shananigans. First and foremost to get into the week, take on Sid the Spammer and show him how it feels to lose. SPAMWARS is here. After Spamming away, you must feel a bit insecure knowing only how to swear in your native tongue, so why not practice in 51 languages.

I did a little bit of searching the web for old friends using google, and I must admit that it is pretty sad 7 out of 9 people were listed either through work, charitable or social contributions. Another favourite, filters content to tell you who/what/where it is. Just try it.

Not that my IT firm pays well, but we have been busy admiring the yacht rental market. I really would like to get a 70′ yacht with captain, crew and chef one day just for the fun of it. The prices aren’t too bad, I mean can you really go wrong for three grand (US) a day? If you need some items to take with Ross-Simons is the way to go. I mean a gold plated toilet brush isn’t just for the wealthy these days.