Daily archives: January 23, 2003

Guilty Pictures

I have a picture of pretty, pouty little Avril Lavigne as my PC wall paper at home. Though, now that I know she’s only 17, I’m beginning to feel a little guilty and will probably take it down. Every Saturday, whilst walking through town enjoying the sights, I have this little voice in my head that occasionally pipes up with “That one’s not legal, stop checking her out.” I stop myself and pre-teens don’t even register for this kind of second glance (kids are a joy to watch for other reasons- their uninhibited enjoyment and reactions to the world around them), but I did look in the first place and for a moment my heart, and other parts, were rushing ahead of my head. It’s that pause- that understanding that, no matter how pretty she is, she’s too young for what you’re thinking- that doesn’t register with many viewers of child porn.

Still, the vast majority of kiddie porn viewers won’t do anything about their desires. Those that do would abuse anyway, the photographs for them aren’t the cause but an effect- something to display as a trophy. Governments approach this problem in much the same way as they fail to tackle drugs, locking up the end users may give you a warm tabloid glow, but it doesn’t stop the flow. It would be so much better to track down the sources and shut them down instead.

No More talk of War….

After a weeklong absence from the best website ever, Spinneyhead, I am back in the saddle and itching to talk about anything except Iraq. After perusing the New York Times this morning, I have found out that action groups and parents alike are starting to sue hospitals that circumsize their kids. Thank god I was born in Norway, as that is serious mutilation!

I am not sure what to make of the weeks media, but suffice to say, it is all crap!

Future Combat System

The Future Combat System is the plan for a networked battlefield with robots doing the killing. You can almost imagine Dubya accidentally booting it up instead of Command & Conquer and finding he’s actually invaded Portugal.
Of course, it never works out as planned, there’s always some poor footsoldier doing the hard work and getting shot at whilst the decisions are made far behind the lines.

Howells Watch

I was beginning to worry that Kim Howells hadn’t said anything outrageous this week, so I’m relieved to see him trying to cut back the pernicious threat of live music in pubs. You tell them Kim. All that nodding along to the tune and listening to the strummer in the corner can seriously slow down people’s drinking and stop them getting bladdered and rowdy. And we don’t want that, do we?