Daily archives: January 27, 2003


Bonsai trees are nice, but sometimes you get the feeling there’s something missing, like little people. Mambonsai solve that problem, building dioramas around the tiny trees. More here, and drifting into surrealism here. I have visions of doing this on a grand scale. If I ever get a property with a few trees there will be a whole village in the branches with rope bridges, pulley lifts, battles and hunts.

Now There's Lovely

Famouswelsh.com does exactly what it says on the tin, finding a Welsh connection- no matter how tenuous- wherever it can. As yet no Welshmen in the Bible, but several in the Declaration of Independence.

The largest ethnic group of signatories (16 in all) on the original draft of the American Declaration of Independence were Welsh! Thomas Jeffersons’ family who came from Snowdonia spoke Welsh too!

Hail to the king?

At last the first benchmarks for the new GeForce FX video card are out. I’m a bit disappointed by the results, it’s the fastest card on the market but only just. It’s a bit like the last two Star Wars movies: it’s okay but you were hoping for something more. Such are the disappointments of the geek lifestyle.

Meanwhile, if tales of impending war are keeping you awake at night then maybe you need a flashing blanket to lull you to sleep.