Daily archives: February 5, 2003

Live to Work?

So, after bitching this morning about hating my job and needing to learn new skills, I got to go to a meeting where one of my proposals was being discussed- and everyone thought it was a brilliant idea! So, if they cough up the cash and I can persuade my own department, I get to do something that should give me project management and ASP/ SQL Server experience. Yay for me!

I’m still not being paid enough, though.

Aghanistan and on…

Who said the war in Afghanistan was over? I believe this is the same problem the Soviets had when they invaded. They swept in and took control of Kabul and such, only to find the Mujahadeen in the mountains killing their troops a few at a time, wearing them down over the years through terror. The only positive to the current situation is that at least these Al Quaeda gangs aren’t being armed by a big foreign force any more.

Political dilemma

Whilst playing Nation States (kudos to John O for finding the site) I was presented with a dilemma. Capitalist paradise The Republic of Buyit was faced with growing social inequity. There were 3 options available: increase welfare, tax cuts for the rich or start a war. Unfortunately it won’t let me give tax cuts to the rich and start a war but then again who would want to do something that stupid.

There is no toon

“Unfortunately, no one can be told what the ANIMATRIX is. You have to see it for yourself.”

The first of the long awaited Japanese animated Matrix episodes has been released on to the web. There will be 4 episodes released monthly and a DVD in June with all 9 of them. If you’ve got the bandwidth go there now. Seriously, stop reading this and go there now.