Daily archives: February 6, 2003

Holy Sh*te! The Dead Kennedys Are On Tour

On April 22 this year the famed Dead Kennedys sans one Mr. Jello Biafro will be in Scotland and the UK! How cool is that? I brought the list of tour dates here as it is imperative that every member is society attend one of these land mark events. I mean who could resist listening to the classics like Kill, Kill, Kill the Poor; Holiday in Cambodia; Police Truck; Chickensh*t Conformist Like Your Parents and maybe just a dash of Moon of Marin!!! My god, this will mark a complete return to my youth and invigorate me to enjoy old-school Californian Punk Rock again.

I'm back

Another day and another dollar. Thanks to my stupidity I might have to lash out �800 for a new company laptop. Why me? In other news, MASH fans across America are hoping for another all out war with North Korea. Funny how the Gulf War never had any sitcom spin offs.

CNN is reporting something so unbelievable it is akin to UFO abduction. No really! Apparently they believe some dot-coms are making money! It must be a pre-April fools day joke on investors around the globe.

Find out what Brekfast Club stereotype you are and then you can determine how successful you will be. Very interesting. Only in Seattle.

Enough of this, I have had it for the day.

CNN.com – Officials fear agri-terrorism

If you really want to hurt a country, hit at its farmland. Though some of the statements made about ‘agri-terrorism’ look like excuses for protectionism.

“I think one of the biggest places to start is the international foods coming in,” said Wes Eaton, who works at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces and attended the conference. “We need to guarantee that it’s not laced with something.”

Beards are good for you

In a long term survey, men who need to shave less often (rather than, like me, simply don’t bother) were at a greater risk of strokes. The growth of body hair is an indication of hormone levels, and it’s possible these may be linked to the health risk.

The link between shaving and sex was established in 1970 by a man living on a remote island who noticed that each time he went to the mainland, where he had sex, his beard grew more quickly.