You know you are thirty when….

you wake up, try to stand up, then immediately fall back down again because you are so dizzy you can’t even see straight! Hate to say it, but it happened to me yesterday and I ended up spending the whole day in bed! What luck! Apparently I have some problem with my inner ear. Joy oh joy.

Anyway, back to the events of life. Apparently Jacque Chriac tried to wave to people at the UN and he had to be told to sit down as the United Nations isn’t the place to surrender. Ta dun da.

Now I know I harp on enough about how the great the New York Times is, but nothing beats what I read today. The Arkansas state court has ruled that an inmate can be executed if mentally insane through the use of psychotropic drugs to make him sane at the time of execution. Now this is a new one to me. I can just imagine the warden going to the doctor at 2 till midnight, “are you sure you made him same? Does he need more prozac?”. One draw back to this link, the NY Times does require registration, but it is free and completely harmless. No junk mail or any of the sort.

More to the point today, what is going on with conservative newspapers. Ok, ok, I admit I read the Washington Times; one of the most conservative papers in the USA and even better yet owned by a religious cult called the “moonies”. So, imagine my surprise when I find this – a commentary supporting legalised marijauna!!!! What is going on here? Have the rules of media morphed into something out of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?

Just so you know, the American Government has ordered over 70,000 body bags compared to the 16,000 for Gulf War 1.

I present to you the coolest thing of the day. Waste hours of time with the ASCII generator! If only windows was orginally this easy.!!

Good night.