Daily archives: February 12, 2003

Life imitating art imitating life

Yesterday Ian posted that he’d read a news story about students working as escorts to earn money and that this was a plotline in a book he wrote. The missing detail is that it was also the subject of an article in the student paper at our old university about 12 years ago (when we were both students there).

If Daz is reading this can he please install some content management software on Ian’s PC and set it to censor any web page or e-mail that mentions his ex. It’s for his own good (and yours too given that he probably hasn’t talked about much else since the e-mail).

Duck and Cover

The US government has issued civil defence style booklets of what to do in an NBC attack, including a special kiddies version.

�You should have duct tape, plastic sheeting and scissors. Have an adult turn off air-conditioners, vents and fans,�

What was that about the terrorists only winning if they made you change the way you lived?