Another day and what was Ian thinking?

The Right Honorable M Frost does have a very good point regarding mentioning your ex on the website. Might lead to better relations across the universe! In a way I can understand where she was going with the whole thing as we all have done a bit of ex-baiting / researching in our lives. It was quite funny how she thinks she has actually accomplished something in her life though! My god, maybe someone should send her a medal…Is she one of those horrible “save the world” types with no money and believes she is morally superior after she, husband and other friends drink two bottles of wine between the eight of them? I wonder if she knew you worked for the one of the largest FTSE 100 companies and now devote your time to helping out the public sector? Dumb beeeaaatchhh. My god Ian, after visiting her site explaining what was up, I just couldn’t but wonder why you would date someone like that anyway? Boring.

I propose that you hang up the cycling cleats for a bit and visit one of those student escorts that you and Brian so postively “link” with. Otherwise I have found a commentary here which outlines the ground rules for starting a jihad.

In other news, the world according to John O. is f*ing boring. As for being off work sick now for three days my ability to even contemplate daytime tv has dissappeared. ok so Magnum PI is on at noon, but when you have seen all the episodes several times before, what a waste. Instead I have managed to get to the library and do something so old fashioned it is ridiculous. I have started reading again. In America we had this program to encourage reading called “Reading is fundamental”. Now kids being kids, we managed to turn this into “Reading is Fun For Mentals”. Ahhh what can I say about misspent youth.

One of the decisions waying heavily on my mind is whether or not to buy a house and if so, where exactly do I want to live? In 2004 there will be enough funds available via myself and family to buy something in the US, Norway or here. Come to think about it, with a US and Norwegian citizenship I could be daft enough to buy property in any one of 15 countries, but I don’t think France or Turkey (hahaha – remember those “visit Turkey” adverts pre 911?) really appeals. But what the whole thing really boils down to is settling down and not living like a permenent backpacker. I mean, I have lived in four cities in four years. My insecurities about settling down must dissipate soon or my bones will be six feet under without even having an estate to give away to right wing causes. Damn shame that.

Oh by the way Ian, get your reminiscing arse over to so that Spinneyhead can be ranked and viewed against other blogs and events. Don’t ask, just do. You will understand once you visit the site. Also, seeing as the dark overlord is moving house, perhaps he may be interested in one of these? <----You must click on that link as it is the best one of all time!