I Got Mail!

So, after realising she’d been busted, Stupid Girl tried to justify herself-

well, after posting that stuff on your website, such nonsense too, what do

you expect?!

look, I’m sorry you are still hung up about me after 8 years, but if you want answers you can have them! :=)

honest ones too.

Then she read my carefully worded assessment of her baiting plan and came back with-

oh, sorry forgot to add – that I was going to be nice and write to you normally after I saw you on Amazon, but then I read your blog and saw the vitriol and realised you thought I was a “stupid bitch” . that was when the gloves came off.

but very funny that you saw my postings! made me laugh! you can’t hide in cyber space.

Which sort of assumes that I hadn’t actually read the thread. I replied, asking if she was a little self obsessed and thanking her for the chance to publicise my site.

I’ll never have to hear from her again.