The day I met Tony Blair

Well excitement for me! I ended up saying meeting Tony Blair on the steps of the Hilton Caledonian in Edinburgh yesterday!!! Yeppo, it was me! I said hello, he said hello, it was like a big party! I must admit to being in a small state of shock because in person he doesn’t look like such a pathetic wimp. It’s true, in real life he actually looks a bit like the devil and has much more stature. Gotta admit, he does look like the type of chap you could actually sit down and share a coffee with. I mean, try to imagine sitting down with the quiet man, Mr. Duncan Smith, you would want to top yourself after two minutes of shitty conversation.

War, ugh, what is it good for? Well, absolutely not the economy or world peace! The NY Times this morning points out that America does require at least another Month to get the troops to the frontline, although a bombing capaign could be launched in the first of March. The other point they make is that the US is reluctant to go it alone and may be able to use the monthly Mr. Blix reporting as a way to build a trend of total non-compliance which seems to be a good ploy. How many times does Mr. Blix have to come back to the Secruity Council saying more could be done before the world representatives are backed into a corner?

About the war protests today. Even my brother is going to London to march for the antiwar sentiment. I applaud all those people going and if you think you don’t have democracy here, remember that in New York City today, the protesters have been denied a permit to March, are only allowed on sidewalks (kerb to you limies) for a rally, and the police have encapsulated the protesters into an area that only holds 10,000 people rather than the 100,000+ coming. Makes you wonder about all the hype surrouding freedom and democracy…..Check out this article providing an American viewpoint to how important the London protest is as it could deny Tony Blair concensus in his own country…

And just to make you laugh at those twits at Salon:
“SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 14 (AP) � The Salon Media Group, the online magazine publisher, warned today that it might not survive beyond this month if it cannot raise more money to pay its rent and other bills.The company, based in San Francisco, painted a grim financial picture in a quarterly report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.Things are so bad, Salon said, that it stopped paying the rent for its headquarters in December, prompting the landlord to issue a demand last month for a $200,000 payment.”

Well, Well, Well. NationStates continues to be a prime activity for me these days and my republic is a happy, joyous land of 40 million people.

This is pretty funny. I have found an English to 12 year old AOLer translator. Quite a good joke.

One last note. Why not visit the official WhiteHouse site and get a glimpse of what truly is going on at