Girls' Night Out

Well, we hit Leeds. And Leeds hit back, I’m still feeling a bit groggy. I’ve now been on two Hen nights and no Stag nights (I managed to miss James’ by being a bit crap about answering emails).

Sadly it got dark too early for me to take many pics, and there were quite a few things to shoot too, but I have a few. I didn’t burn through film in the club like I did on my birthday, either. We were barred from one pub and a club because Brian was wearing trainers. A shame, but generally the sort of place that has a dress code is full of the sort of people I’d happily avoid anyway. With three of us crashing in the hotel room it became a little like the fireside scene from Blazing Saddles with the combined effects of Guinnes, lager, curry, pasta and spirits working their magic.

Right, I have to scan some pictures in, then do a big back up so I can install Office XP without fear of catastrophe.