The weekend that wasn't

Ok. Thiink postive. Joy and happiness all around. It is only Monday. Deep breaths. Mantra chanting. Deep breaths. Oh F*ck it, it is Monday and there is nothing to be done about it.

After leisurely perusing the papers on Sunday and taking a big trek up to Arthurs Seat, my momentum going into the weekdays is non-existent. Oh well, what can a pauper do? Condoleeza Rice did the rounds yesterday on the American talk shows stating unequivocally that no matter how many people protested over the weekend it would not make one difference to the showdown with Iraq. Good to see democracy in action.

The other most important news story of the weekend was that Mike Tyson has gotten half of his face tattooed. This is not a joke! He stated it was an “African Tribal Thing”. What a dumbass.


“work posing”The act of going to work and acting as though one was working, e.g. like my job, Ian’s, Mr. Frost’s and many other people.