Daily archives: February 18, 2003

Spam and microbes

Another interesting piece about spam. Spammers (scum) are faking the return addresses on their missives, letting other people get all the autoreplies, bounces and hate mail.

Bacteria genetically modified to wave their flagella in a specific direction can be used in Microelectric Machines to pump fluids more efficiently than any other method.

From GeekPress, which just made it onto my blogroll

Random stuff

I’ve just read that Google have purchased Pyra Labs the people behind our beloved Blogger.

Sunday’s Dilbert cartoon was worrying. How long will it be before I succumb to ‘numbing’?

A poll in the Guardian states that at least one person from 1.25 million households attended Saturday’s anti-war demo. This seems to confirm that the total attendance was somewhere between 1 and 2 million.


Because of various problems relating to changing of the servers on site, I =

only have intermittent internet (intermittnet?) So I thought I’d try the =

posting by e-mail thing again. No links this time though, because I think =

that’s where the problem came from last time.

It’s sad when one of the best excuses for turning up to work is the =

exercise from the ride in, but that’s one of the few things Steph and I =

could come up with on Saturday. And another thing, I’ve been here for =

nearly four months and they still won’t let me talk to the nurses, or the =

cute doctors (and I work right beside the brand new Education and Resource =

Centre so I get to see the cute doctors coming and going). There are more =

managers than medical staff, I think it’s a hangover from the bad old days =

of the internal market and they just don’t have the heart to let them go.

Edit: Sent at noon, arrived an hour later. I think I’ll leave those line break = signs in for posterity