Daily archives: February 23, 2003

Sunday Part Dos – Music to Watch Life Go By:

I was beginning to wonder if everyone had left me on the site alone. Sniff!

Web designing is doing my head in. Other than that, one word for the day: ZWAN! Billy Corrigan is back and it is happy Billy this time around unlike the Smashing Pumpkins where he was just sulking all the time. I finally managed to get my hands on some ZWAN tunes today as their album and single aren’t due out until the end of the week and it’s highly impressive stuff! The one song I think they performed on TOTP last week, “Honesty”, is worthy of buying the entire album. This is the kinda of stuff that puts Coldplay and all those other “emo” (hahahahahaha – just kidding – see rant below) bands into the first division.

THe other music been downloading, err I mean purchasing through online channels via those great pay-for-listen sites, has been this: Sunny Day Real Estate, Long Wave, Dave Matthews and an old school band called Moss Icon. Now most people don’t know Moss Icon as only three people on Kazaa, myself included, have any of their songs. May I suggest to all that it is well worth your while to grab a hold of one song and have a listen. No harm no foul.

Tomorrow is Monday and I will be working from home awaiting glorious broadband. Drool, Drool, Goodbye 56K, hello SuperKazaaing.

Sunday Sunday

Ok. The world must be out of synch today. Mike Tyson, the one man super freak extravaganza, won his fight last in a mere 49 seconds! My thought is the other guy was actually scared by how Tyson looked with his new tattoo more than anything else.

I have been on a 24 hour internet-athon since yesterday morning and my eyes are killing me. I never realised how so many people that blog are REALLY REALLY boring or mentally whacked! Yes, it does sound a bit harsh, but can you really enjoy reading about every single interaction a person had during the course of a day? That’s why Spinneyhead is so good. There is more meat on the bone so to speak. You are never hit with too much detail and the links are consistent throughout.

Viva La Spinneyhead

The SUA will return tomorrow.