Daily archives: February 24, 2003

Mr. Frost = Sound Advice

Unfortunately I have stuck by this bad decision due to idiocy and complete need for closure on the matter. BT will always suck, but hey, I am just countless of millions (dare I say if they are in the network boundries) of consumers stupid enough to committ to the largest provider out there. Brain replacement follows after pectoral implants…

In other news, I haven’t paid attention to the war on Iraq in 2 days and it feels mighty good.

Mr. Frost, please email me regarding ASP and FrontPage Server connections if you know anything about.

In other news, the SUA is on a broadbandnone sabatical to find out how real websites work. This may take two years.

Also, a grand hoopy towel day approaches on the 25th of May. Anyone up for a bit of hoopy nutrient gargle blasters?

Glutten for punishment?

Yet another Team Spinneyhead member has chosen to use a BT service (first Ian and now John) and is really regretting it. BT is the one of the most expensive companies for broadband that I’ve seen and adslguide consistently rate them as poor for speed, reliability and customer service. Both Demon and Pipex beat them on price and quality. I suspect Ian and John are masochists and get some strange satisfaction from bad service. Some of our many readers (ha!) may have noticed that Ian hasn’t posted much for a few days. I suspect that this is because he has to wait about a week and a half for BT to move his connection to his new house. As those annoying bank ads say “there is a another way”.

BT = hell

Ok. Time to move back to America. Things the Brits cannot do well = CUSTOMER SERVICE! Argghhhh!! Arrrrgggghhhhhhhhh!

I have taken the day off to make sure my broadband modem is delivered to my house and what happens? BT Broadband has lost my order and the earliest they can send out a new modem is on Thursday! Bastards! Bastards!

If I was in the States right now the customer service team would have been licking my feet to make up for the mistake! Oh, but on the other hand, I would have to deal with George Bush. Better customer service or George Bush? It’s a toss up.