All the News Unfit to Print

Well. Well. Well. It seems as though Ian P has settled into a new hoose as they say up here and all looks swimmingly. Excellent! As to the big cheese pointing out how atrocious my spelling and grammer are, I thought it would be fair to say good point. May I also remind the gentlerman the reasons for the lack of spell check is that I am far too exciting to be posting onto the “Greatest Website Ever Told”. My dedication to self improvement will commence today and the Flesh-Kinkaid reading level will hover between 10.5 and 12.9. Enough said.

After two weeks of patient waiting to be in the Broadband premium league, I managed to muck it all up by not being in the “hoose” when the postman arrived with a brand new ADSL modem. Doh! Double Doh!! Triple Doh!!! The funny part is I am leaving for Manchester tomorrow so that means no broadband until next week sometime. The joke truly is on me and Mr. Frost please contain your glee.

In terms of visiting for Fringe Gestival and Hogomany, you all are invited. Several spaces available as I am endeavoring to take at least two weeks off during the festival season. This means nothing short of comedy, drama, loutish behavior and drunkness. Come one, Come all. Or as Bob Parker from the Price Is Right said, “Come on Down”.

I have yet to find any interesting links today, but rest assured once they are out there….

Dearest Gabrielle, no IM of late, but after I am back from Manchester I will track you down.