Daily archives: February 28, 2003

happy happy joy joy

At lunchtime today I escaped the office and I don’t have to go back until Tuesday 11th. The mere fact that I don’t have to go back in next week has already started to relax me. I plan to spend next week being lazy (ok, lazier) and watching movies. Daredevil, Adaptation and Jackass are definitely on the list and I’m considering Solaris (apparently Soddenburg hasn’t bastardised the original, but rather long, Russian classic).

My so called Internet Life

Brian should stop reading now, because he’ll gloat so much he’s sure to explode.

BT gave me the wrong instructions for my house move and were all primed to charge me for running out on my contract. Now I have to email them again to cancel my old broadband, then wait until 5 working days after March the 6th before I can ask for a new connection. They’ll send me email confirmation of the disconnection, which is really, really useful when I don’t have internet connection. I’m going to demand a refund, but I think everyone knows where that will get me.