Daily archives: March 6, 2003

Slow Blog Week

For one reason or another we’ve all been quiet this week. Hopefully next week things can get back to something like the carpet-bombing of posts that is normal at Spinneyhead. I’ve been flu’d up this week and trapped at home, where I only have dial up until BTOpenWorld get their act together and reconnect broadband. On a positive note, it does mean I’ve been able to get some of my consultancy work, which is far more profitable and interesting than work work, done.

A crash in slow motion

I saw something weird at the supermarket about an hour ago. Two old people (quiet at the back!) were pushing their trollies along at a shuffling pace on a clear collision course. They both seemed to have noticed each other but kept shuffling along regardless, getting closer and closer. After nearly a minute of this the two trollies finally collided but with so little force that there was no audible sound. The whole thing was bizarrely hypnotic to watch.