Bogle:03- Friday AM

Okay, there�s not a lot of Bogling going on at the moment. The plan is to go into town this afternoon and sort out when and where I�m needed. In the meantime, I have a whole load o� database to build (back in Brum again on Monday).

Thinking about what Brian said, it is a shame that The Stroll isn�t as big as it used to be. The problem is, this would require someone to work almost full time publicising the event, practically from right after the previous one ended. They could get in touch with local hiking and cycling clubs, sending out missives every month or so saying X days until the walk, how many people do you plan to enter, etc. etc. The route goes past at least two Territorial Army bases, so it could be sold to them as a big challenge- see which TA team could get round first. There�s bound to be more- magazines, local news etc. There�s no way a student group could be organised enough to sort all of this out. But it doesn�t mean I won�t get drunk tomorrow night and tell people this is what they should do.