Daily archives: March 9, 2003

Large print edition?

Has Ian developed some kind of eyesight problem? If so it might explain the recent switch to a larger font size. Given that we’re all occasionally guilty of long rambling posts (or long incoherent posts in some cases) I feel we should go back to the smaller size. If management fail to respond this will be raised with the local SUA delegate.

Bogle:03- the Aftermath

I got home at half past six yesterday morning and slept for about twelve hours, woke up just long enough to watch A Knight’s Tale (fun and very, very silly) and then slept for another nine or ten hours.

I can’t find anything on the BBC about a shooting on Friday night (I guess they’re just too common nowadays), but the peace march got a mention.

I still feel very, very rough, and I’ve still got databasing to be done.