Daily archives: March 10, 2003

Wisdom comes with the rock of ages

Here’s a site to waste some time on. I had a look at a few of the sections. Funnily enough the romantic section didn’t load properly and just showed the heading “Chapter 53: Romance is Dead”. Didn’t have anything else on the page, since the tables hadn’t loaded. Sometimes, things seem apt in the modern world! Should teach me to get a better connection.

Recorded Delivery sticky label art

I’ve noticed a few pieces of sticker art- tags and pictures magic markered onto labels for easy application- on lampposts around Manchester. What caught my interest about a particular bunch was the labels they were on, on close inspection they turned out to be Post Office recorded delivery stickers. There are quite a few of them around Manchester, but I thought they were localised. Until today, when I found some in Birmingham. I should start taking pictures of them. Anyone else seen anything similar?


I’m more wired than I realised, even without the broadband. Thanks to writing the CD last night whilst half asleep and forgetting to close the session, I found it wouldn’t read on the PC down here in Brum. After only a second’s panic, I phoned home and asked Emily to e-mail me a copy. Without broadband, e-mail’s a bit temperamental, so it didn’t work. Cue another phone call and this time can she FTP the database to my web server. Download a zipped version through the server’s clunky File Manager, open it and convert it to Access 2002. Job done.

Now, if I can just get WAP to work on my mobile.