Daily archives: March 13, 2003


Off to Brum again tomorrow, to drum up business and deliver some more work. When I get broadband back (HA!) I think I’ll get LapLink, so I don’t have to travel as much. Once upon a time, back at The Gas, I got a screaming PHBitch-a-gram demanding I drive all the way from Southampton to Manchester to do some job or other. I ignored it, of course, and saved a day and a bit of misery by working over the network (I still had to travel up that night, but I got out again a lot faster.)

Censored Slope

In South Cumbria there are three hills called Cockup, Little Cockup and Great Cockup, and so it should stay. In Colorado, there used to be a ski mountain called Mary’s Nipple, but some prudish idiot decided to shorten the name to just Mary’s. At some point they’ll notice that quite a few hills look like breasts and demand that they all be flattened.