Daily archives: March 17, 2003

Other People's Blogs

Just a few branched wanders away from blo.gs

The Passionate Skeptic has found interesting commentary about the difference between French and American school meals and what it says about the two cultures.

Pixelforge wonders why we’re afraid of the chemical weapon boogeyman

The Daily Dystopian reminds us of the cowboy code

Rachel (or one of the other Gaggle of Girls) tries to Fisk Michael Moore, but just proves irony deficient.

This is how the world ends

And it was such a lovely sunny day too.

The BBC is charting developments hour by hour.

Robin Cook has quit the Government, the little ginger man may be followed by other ministers.

The Attorney General says it’s all legal.

The fascists over at FreeRepublic consider it a good thing that lots of people are going to die.

Democratic Underground have turned their bullshit detectors on.

And no doubt the blogosphere is ablaze with commentary just like this.

What is it good for?

Years ago a song asked “War, what is it good for?” the response in the song was “absolutely nothing”. In fact it appears that it’s very good for the stock market. At about 3pm the US, UK and Spain announced that they weren’t going to bother with the UN and Dubya was going to address the US tonight. The FSTE and Dow have been surging upwards ever since. I knew this was going to happen but size and the speed of the response was a surprise. Once again the world has lived down to my expectations.