I’m ready, willing and able to connect to BT Openworld broadband again, but there’s a stop on my credit card at the moment, so I want to go over to Direct Debit. “I’m afraid you can’t do that sir.”

“But when I called on Monday I was told I could pay with direct debit.”

“Oh. That’s only for new customers sir. If you’re an existing customer you have to pay by credit card.”

“But I can’t switch over to direct debit?”


“How about if I become a new customer?”

“You’d have to change your user name and details.”

“That’s not a problem.”

“……You’d also have to pay the balance of your outstanding contract.”

“Well that’s a bit crap, isn’t it?”


“This obviously isn’t going to work. Thanks for your help anyway.” (That last bit wasn’t sarcasm, it’s not her fault she works for a company with such deliberately stupid policies.)

I’d say they were going out of their way to lose money, except that they’ll charge me for ‘defaulting’ because I can’t pay one way but would willingly pay another.

Given the content of this and my previous post, I feel justified in agreeing that BTsuck.