Daily archives: March 25, 2003

The best laptop ever and something else.

Ian, I think you might want to look at this as an option for your mobile writing factory. This is a serious piece of kit. Imagine a computer you can put in the dishwasher, drop from high heights and runs 8hrs on just one charge. By the way, it is the choice of the US military.

Need to show support for the American war on civilians? Well, why not just buy a pair of BRASS BALLS? Hang em off the mirror of your pick up truck or just bright up the foyer.

Morestupidity and less war please….

Ok. Remember being a kid and all the great products you were enticed to buy, thanks to x-entertainment for letting me relieve my youth. Unfortunately, this link may not be accesible for those British readers, as I don’t think you guys got TV or anything else like it until 1995.

Also, the boys over at consumption junction, have been having a field day with the war making mockery after mockery of the whole affair. Be aware pr0n ads make it not safe for work.

Think the US soldiers work hard and deserve your support? Well, they cannot even put a candle to the heroic effort of the US Pizza team! No really, I swear, it’s true. Just check for yourselves.

Need a soundboard for that special occassion? Try 2400bps. Very cool site run by an amazing chic.

For a pro war blog with many hilarious pictures, go visit Ernie at his house of whoopass.


The idiots planning this war really did think Our Boys would be showered with roses and adulation by Iraqis, and now they’re grasping at bogeymen to explain the reality away. And an aside (rhetorical), as pointed out in the article, why aren’t we seeing any footage of Iraqi victims? I mean Coalition dead get a running tally on CNN, but I can only find a one liner about dead Iraqis.

Sale of the century

There’s not much mention of the British manufactured weapons found in Iraq alongside the Russian materiel. (Black humour moment- The alleged Russian suppliers took time out from their rebuttal of US claims for a quick sales pitch for their anti tank missiles “if they were in Iraq in any quantity, then the U.S. infantry would be taking greater losses than they are now.” You’ve gotta love capitalism.)

Meanwhile, Victoria Clarke, the Pentagon spokeswoman and fashion criminal we thought was a transvestite has today toned down her offences against colour coding-

"Screw you guys. I'm going home."

I was a member of the Labour party for a year, way back in the day. This would have been 1995 or ’96, before they were elected, when they seemed like our last best hope. I also thought it would be a way to meet cute, politicised women.

It all turned out to be a terrible disappointment. I did get a red rose lapel pin, an occasional newsletter and the chance to go to dull meetings with tea and those biscuits only grandmothers ever have. And I don’t think there were any women, cute, politicised or otherwise. The only reason left for remaining a member would have been so I could quit in disgust at a moment like this, but it seems even that would have amounted to nothing much.