Daily archives: April 1, 2003

House Arrest

The world keeps stealing my storylines. First it was the ships of Saddam’s weapons (what ever happened to them? The Americans wouldn’t just make things up or pretend that rumour was fact would they?) Now it’s the spread of SARS and reactions to it. Hong Kong authorities have quarantined a whole tower block in an attempt to control the spread. Obviously my story was going to take place in Manchester, occuring on the DEx’s watch. The story was going to revolve around a hostel for immigrants, allowing for political commentary and a chance to mock the xenophobic anti- asylum seeker types.


I think there’s a rule that says 80 percent of all punctures must happen when it’s raining. Actually, there probably is some sort of cause and effect to be argued about the water lifting crap and washing it onto the road to settle in that two feet nearest the kerb that is nominally my domain. Said crap would include glass shards or other debris large enough to get through the tyre wall to the inner tube.

Just to make it worse, I think the replacement inner tube I used might have a slow puncture of its own and I’ll have to go through the whole routine again before I can set off for home this evening.

But I’d still rather do this commute by bike than by bus or car.

back to war!!

Ok.ok.ok. I have been blogging around looking for how the war has influenced bloggers and let me say how boring it was. There only seems to be black and white on the internet, e.g. bloggers who support the war and those who don’t. Not many bloggers seem to understand the deeper meanings of this, and many other, conflicts looming. Oh well. I think the new motto for the US should be:

“In CNN We Trust”

just go here to make sure you can pass the emo test. Must see.