Daily archives: April 2, 2003

Words are like weapons

Just a random thought about words, which I may throw at a few Freepers later to upset them. The Iraqi guerillas are being reffered to as ‘militia’. Now, the second amendment- about the only one safe under Dubya- calls for the creation of an armed militia to defend the homeland (I paraphrase). Are these guys exercising their constitutional rights, or is the NRA a terrorist organisation?

I didn’t promise NO war, just less.

Slate accuses Iraq of Terrorism by Proxy

Interesting article by Slate over here. Just an excerpt to keep you interested.

“At face value, these statements dispense with months of debate over covert, indirect Iraqi sponsorship of terrorism. Iraq, represented by its third-highest ranking official, now embraces terrorism openly and directly. Any regime that threatens to “use any means to kill,” “follow the enemy into its land,” “kill 5,000 people” at one time, and take the battle to “all who support” American and British troops�not just “those who wear the military uniforms”�is implicitly targeting civilians. By any definition, that’s the essence of terrorism”

You are here

I was hoping to get a GPS so I could log the latitude and longitude of all my pictures and one day put them on a map. As the Guardian reports, other people have had similar, and larger, ideas. The conversations for the UpMyStreet listing of my area did seem to dwell on the crime problem, which is a little disconcerting. And I think I just promised to GeoURL all my pics of the day.


I went away and found out where to register to vote yesterday, though I may not make it onto the list in time for the local elections (still don’t know if there are any in my area, that’s a job for later today.) And, as if I didn’t have enough of a reason to register, today I found out that the BNP are putting a couple of hundred candidates up for seats. I doubt any of the idiots would dare to run in Longsight, but I’ll be ready with my ballot just in case.

Blackhawk 2

The special forces POW rescue in Nasiriyah is the Boy’s Own sort of stuff that the war planners want more of, to distract us from the stupid reasons the poor soldier was put at risk for in the first place. My second thought, after ‘nice one’ was that this’ll be a movie soon, a sort of Blackhawk Down for GW2 painting it as a Just war and priming US filmgoers for whatever new invasion is being planned.