Daily archives: April 3, 2003

Another day

I have been forced to work when really my whole itinerary revolved around lazing about is not appropriate behaviour. Le sigh! Le Gasp! Le Horror!

Oh well. England finally when something fottball related conviincely last night and apparently the americans had a good day on the battlefield. I wonder if England and the USA are visiting the same astrologist? Things that make you go hmmm……

One of our Bluebells is missing

It reads like the premise to an Ealing comedy- the British Police’s wildlife division is shifting its focus to the illegal digging up of rare and protected flowers.

Police suspect a gang caught in November was hired by a criminal with a record of masterminding bulb thefts. He is thought also to have hired three men arrested with 18 crates of snowdrop bulbs in 1999.


Every so often you accidentally find yourself somewhere you would normally avoid, such as Femail, the Laydeez section of right wing prejudice rag the Daily Mail, and once you’re there you find yourself drawn in-

A guide to ‘street slang’ for middle class housewives.

Britain’s unlikely male sex symbols. Robbie Coltrane I can understand, and Paxman as well, but Titchmarsh?

Britney’s and Julia’s relationship doings.

And the place I’ll be spending the rest of the day- the Sex & Relationships page.