Daily archives: April 7, 2003

Blogs save lives!

And I thought the Stupid Girl saga was a screwed up tale of bitchiness and online altruism (go here and scroll up to watch it unfold over the following two days). The blogger known as Accordion Guy recently met a wonderful new girl, or so he thought. After putting up a post about just how great New Girl was, someone got in touch to tell him she wasn’t everything she claimed- and it just got stranger from there on in.

via BoingBoing

Surreal War Footage Moment

BBC News 24 has a Basra-cam, perched high up atop some building in the second city. They devote the left hand two thirds of the screen to it whilst doing interviews and such. Earlier they were questioning a guy about chemical weapons, but I couldn’t concentrate because of the Basra-cam. By a roadside a bunch of squaddies were all huddled together. Across the road from them another member of their groups (perhaps an ’embed’) was taking pictures. He’d take a photo, put the camera down, pick up another, take a photo, put the camera down….. With the posing and each soldier doing the ‘You look through here, press this button and wait for the green light’ this took about five minutes, then they went back to their Land Rover and started patrolling again.

“….and this is me and the boys liberating Basra……”