So when it is "for a friend" and when does

the situation call for more polite drug etiquette? I have been watching drug movies since last night and have come to the conclusion all the rituals associated with procurring drugs are totally insane. These little rituals between buyer and seller are just too much. For example, yesterday the one line I heard almost made me fall off the floor. It went something like this. Imagine the scene with one of the most honest people on the planet and a complete drug addled cancer upon society:

Out of the blue, “That’s $35” says druggie man

“I’ll have to owe you cause I only have a tenner” says the patient customer

“Sorry then I hold onto the product!!”

No more conversation. It all stopped and that’s when I realised I was watching a drug deal.

Oh what has hummanity wrought with this scourge upon society?

Anyways, back to reality. The White House in a statement by Ari Fliescher and Don Rumsfield consisted:

“Ha ha – Told You So….”