Reuters Annoucement:

Rueters (AP) 11/04/03: Spinneyhead Inc. slipped further into disrepute again today, by posting a follow-up story from Wired News about how a new software company has created software to turn ordinary Nokia mobile phones into discreeet vibrators for the ladies. The company, Vibelet.Com, makes the software called “Purring Kitty” downloadable and installed on your phone from a simple text message costing only �1.50. This brings home entertainment devices within reach of even the poorest of the poor.

Spinneyhead caused consternation and raised a few parents eyebrows last week when Emily announced to the world her intentions to buy vibrator cover called a “cosie”. She still remains unavailable for comment…

In other news, CNN has decided to expand their international market reach by personally creating war coverage for those Bling$ Bling$ playas.