Daily archives: April 17, 2003

Raiders of the Net Ark

It seems nothing is sacred, nothing can escape the reach of the Big Brother treatment.Believe it or not, The Ark, an internet reality gameshow, starts this Easter Sunday and guess what? It is due to run for 40 days and nights. It is the invention of a satirical religious website known as Ship of Fools, hoping to stimulate Christians into religious and moral debates.

The players will take on the role of a dozen biblical saints and sinners locked in the cyber-ark, who are only able to communicate via speech bubbles from the comfort of their home PCs. It has the similar Diary Room where the contestants can bare all, to a God Almighty (the Arks version of Big Brother) sitting in judgement. Surprising the Ark doesn’t have a prize of �70K but isn’t a complete loss with its �666 cash prize.

Instead of the usual week-long evictions period, rivals will be voted off every 4th day, nomited by their peers and elected to walk the plank by the audience. It is trying to aim to get people more aware of religion without preaching. Although the only worry is where this is going to end. I’m a Rabbi Get Me Out of Here! or Priest Idol could be next. People who know me, know I am an atheist, but I am not making a dig, this is just me being curious.

Or maybe Greed is Good?

I’m not sure how seriously I’m meant to take him, but a writer in the Times reckons that downshifters are the root of all economic evils. As I’ve still got the debt and the ulcer from my farcical upshift of 2001, I’m inclined to think he’s talking bollocks. Everyone should settle at the level that works best for them. If he wants to work himself into an early grave that’s fine by me, but I need time for cycling and enjoying myself.

Waste not…..

Thermal Depolymerisation will break down almost any carbon based waste into light crude, gas, minerals and distilled water with up to 85% efficiency. The first industrial plant is breaking down turkey offal that can no longer be rendered into BSE friendly animal feed.
The US government funded the scheme to the tune of $12 million, which sounds like a lot until you remember they just allocated $80 billion to the war. No matter what they may say, one of the aims of the invasion of Iraq was to better control the flow of oil that the US relies too heavily on. The world would be a better, safer place if they’d stay at home and invest in technology such as TD, fuel efficiency, solar energy etc. which would reduce this addiction.
via boingboing