GermanTown Wisconsin waste management theory:

This says it all:

The actual article is here. Straight from the County clerk.


“Section 10.065 (7)(i) – It is unlawful for any owner, keeper or walker of any dog, Philippine pot-bellied pig or cat to have his dog, pot-bellied pig or cat discharge such animal=s excreta upon any public or private property within the Village other than the property of the owner of such dog, pot-bellied pig or cat if such owner, keeper or walker does not immediately thereafter remove and clean up such animal=s excreta from the public or private property.

No person shall walk a dog or pot-bellied pig beyond the limits of his own property without carrying or having in his possession a scoop, bag or other items designed to pick up and remove dog or pot-bellied pig feces; and, further it it unlawful for any person to dispose of the dog or pot-bellied pig feces on public or private property other than his own. “