The Bisness

What do you expect from me? It’s one in the morning and I’m supposed to be getting up stupidly early tomorrow and going to the Bike Show (might happen). Bis were excellent, I’m just sorry it’s the last chance I’ll get to see them (barring the reunion tour some time in 2011 of course) Now I have to go and buy all their albums. Also worth mentioning were Hooker, a bit Elastica, a bit Blur, all good, hopefully they can have a breakthrough sometime soon. I’d like to say you heard it here first, but, as there’s a site about them, you didn’t.

Hats off to Heena, who organised the gig and other LadyFest stuff. She’s still short and cute and talks ten-to-the-dozen, but she’d cut all her hair off, so I wasn’t sure it was her until she recognised me.