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Heavensent- Chapter 9, Part 10

The wing was flying low, torpedo height. Fire was reaching out from the ship, still falling short. �They will find us soon.� Karn whispered.

�We hold steady.�

�I know.�

The front bomb bay held six torpedoes on an S-curve rail. They would be fed one by one out of the quarter width door. �Torpedo gone! Bank!� The light bank as the rest of the torpedoes were released spread them in a narrow fan.

�Pull out!� The anti air was closing on them now, tracer passing on either side. There were cracks as shells hit home.

�Hydraulic pressure on the bay doors has dropped off.� Karn announced, �Switching to back up. Nothing. We can not open the rear doors.�

Four of the torpedoes struck home, raising towers of water. The ship began to list immediately, flooding faster than bulkheads could be closed.

One ship remained, but it was out of range of the Waltzer and the old attack ship had some free space to close on the transports.

�Hand crank the front bay closed. We are heading home.�


�Hardly. I do not think there is enough of Stran left. Communications, raise the Corkscrews, and anyone else you can, and tell them we have to retire.�

Harren adjusted his course so they passed by the Waltzer again, wagging the wing as it passed. �And the best of luck to you brave souls.�

How bout them apples?

The Op-Ed piece today in the New York Times states the following about how the case for war was hogwash:

“One wonders whether most of the public will ever learn that the original case for war has turned out to be false. In fact, my guess is that most Americans believe that we have found W.M.D.’s. Each potential find gets blaring coverage on TV; how many people catch the later announcement � if it is ever announced � that it was a false alarm? It’s a pattern of misinformation that recapitulates the way the war was sold in the first place. Each administration charge against Iraq received prominent coverage; the subsequent debunking did not. ”

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