Daily archives: April 30, 2003


Inspired by Daz’s post, I e-mailed a complaint to Radio One about Chris Moyles. My general complaint about Chris Moyle’s is that he’s a talentless Chris Evans wannabe (and Evans is a talentless Howard Stern wannabe!), but I kept my message related to the xenophobia Daz pointed out. A few days ago I got a reply from the Beeb Programme Complaints Unit, on paper no less-

Dear Mr Pattinson

Thank you for your e-mail of 4 April 2003.

We’ve thought carefully about the issue you raise, but don’t feel it involves standards questions in the sense that would fall within the scope of our Unit. We do also feel, though, that it’s important for the programme-makers concerned to be aware of your reaction, so we’ll be sending them a copy of what you have written.

If you have any points to make in response, I will ask them to contact you direct. But in any event I am sure they will take note of what you say and bear it in mind when planning future coverage.

Yours sincerely……

Oh well, maybe one day we can really get rid of him and make the airwaves a nicer place.

I must tell the whole world!!!

Ok. I can contain my secret for no longer. I have become addicted to Project Rockstar on the internet. Lets just put it this way, mucho effort went into this game and it is brilliant! The purpose:

Create and manage band(s) and enjoy the benefits of being a rock star manager! You have to watch the charts, buy goodies to impress the ladies and just go to the site now!

Make sure you check out my band of indie slackers that used to be cool until corporate turned them into an icon for the aging gen-x set and stupid kids! They are called MONEYSHOT!