Are you giving what you know?

Although I must admit to being a bit over the edge the past few days, I finally found something worth investing in. In last weeks Computer Weekly there is an article about a charity which provides IT help to other charities around the UK. Ian might have touched on this before, but there are still over 300 identified charities with IT needs ranging from design, development, strategy and programme management. The website address is and it is well worth a visit to see if you have any transferable skills.

Less important:

Ok. has provided me with three great sites and I don’t even know where to begin. First and foremost, people have been doing interesting things with flash for the past few years, but the crew over at boohbah have created an interactive trippy environment that is pretty impressive not only for creativity but the amount of spacecakes eaten to come up with such an outrageously cool concept!.

The second thing fazed delivered was a highly impressive PacMan game. I know everyone has seen it before but this version mirrors the arcade version. I haven’t been able to waste so much time in a while!.

The last link I have found is to something which should prove extremely popular in some neighborhoods in the North such as Bradford, all of Sheffield, Oldham and all of Manchester. Probably most of Wales as well. Screw playing Monopoly – you really want to play GHETTOPOLY!!!!!


Game Board, Loan Shark Tray, 40 Crack Houses, 17 Projects, Pink Slip Cards, Ghetto Stash and Hustle Cards, 7 Game pieces (Pimp, Hoe, 40 oz, Machine Gun, Marijuana Leaf, Basket Ball and Crack), Counterfeit Money, and 2 Dice ( non metallic ).”

It’s the game pieces that do it for me…..

Even less important news:

Ok. I finally have a website, but as I yet I have absolutely no clue what to do with it. In the meantime whilst I try and figure out if there is anything in my life worthy of posting to a website, I believe it will become a spoof site of the day. Let me explain, on the website now it has a joke corporate statement, but I am thinking of making a virtual company which attempts to sell different products daily. Like today I think will attempt to sell Hello Kitty branded vibrator cosies. And tomorrow maybe will sell universal business adapters (complete with European business adapter). I don’t know, if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

The other thing I have thought of doing is an international blog. Due to my dubious breeding I am lucky enough to have some American pals willing to participate and can rope in a couple of Scandinavians and Europeans. In the end, it could work to have an international competition for blogging rights and trying to get a good mix from across the world. Pipe dreams maybe, but still an idea.