Daily archives: May 8, 2003


Last week Mum sent me two big tubs of multivitamins, which I’m taking when I remember. Not scarfing down on them is probably for the best now that they’re bad for me.

Too much of anything is going to be bad for you, just as too little of some things is a no-no. Of course, someone has to define the values of too much and too little, but some common sense would be useful.

To Infinity……..

Someone over at FreeRepublic came off his meds and posted this to me-

After 9/11, Most Americans have been Forced to re-evaluate our “Loyalties!”

As a General Rule, We have “Fallen Back On” our Old, Established, Reliable Allies!

It Seems That America ALWAYS “Falls Back” on our English-Speaking Ancestors & Allies–The British, Scottish, Australians, Irish, & SOME Canadiens! (&, OF COURSE, The New Zealanders!!)

After the Events of the 2nd Iraq War, Our Allies are OBVIOUS!

For Some Perverted & Unclear Reason, the non-English-speaking nations of our Fragile World can NOT “See Their Way” to join us in Our attempt to stabilize the scattered Political systems of our modern, 21’st Century World!!

If WE–The English-Speakers of our Species–Are To Be the Representatives of our Species who “Go to the Stars,”–Then, SO BE IT!!

There is YET TO BE ANY evidence that ANY OTHER CULTURE besides English-speaking ones has the Capability or the WILL to “Go to the Stars!!”

Without a Dream to “Go to the Stars,” NO EARTHBOUND CULTURE is worth Humankind’s attention

The Acquisition of Earthly Political Power is Meaningless absent a Commitment to “GO TO THE STARS!!”

Which I found highly amusing as I’d just been over at Die Puny Humans and read about the Japanese plans for a Space Shuttle. Reusable transports seem like a good first step into space exploration to me.