Daily archives: May 12, 2003

More food for thought

While reading Ian’s post below about food, I followed this link to an article on the death of British Cooking.

The existence of the convience meal and its ever increasing rise in popularity has long been a pet rant of mine. I thinkm they rob food of its character and lead to too much conformity – follow the instructions and you get the same results every time, whereas to me half of the fun in cooking properly is that you can experiment and then never know quite how its going to end up. Admittedly this is not always a good thing, but I have “discovered” how to cook some great tasting meals this way which I can then often replicate in the future, so I would say the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. In addition, everybody across the country ends up eating the same bland (if you’re lucky) tasting rubbish with usually little or no nutritional (and certainly no health) value, conjured up by a faceless mega corporation out to make a few bucks.

Add a bit of paranoia some George Orwell and some Aldous Huxley, and you can just see the government adding things to ready meals in the future as some of mind control, leaving us all to queue up for our soma like good little citizens.

Rant over.

2/3rds employment

Emily has just got a job. My poor little heart is still beating hard after the squeal of joy she made upon finding out. I think people three houses down are still in a state of shock.

Now I must get a job. If I could get LapLink to perform as advertised, I could be working from home for a former colleague from The Gas. There’s also a job that Johnny O reckons he’s sorted for me, except when I phone the agency to register I can’t seem to get through to Dan The Man so he can register me and pass my name on (it’s a convoluted piece of temp job insider trading, I won’t bore you with details.)

On the other hand, they’ve just started showing season 1 of Buffy at noon on Sky, and I’d really like to be able to see it, because I missed so many episodes first time around.

Food Smiles

The Guardian is running special reports on the state of Britain’s food, and I’m beginning to feel a little smug.

As ready-meal consumption increases dramatically, I can safely say that the nearest we come in this house is a few jars of sauce. We’re each quite good cooks, and I particularly enjoy working with fresh ingredients, predominantly organic ones that are much less travelled than most supermarket food.

There’s a list of twenty things to do to change the food system and I have to admit, I do quite a few of them already. One day, I shall join Slow Food, for now I’m just going to think about the venison sausages and green veg on a bed of mashed potato that Daz has promised us for tonight.