Daily archives: May 29, 2003

It is time to smash those piggybanks

It seems to be a conspiracy to make you spend lots of money on PS2 stuff. Already we have heard of the new GT4 coming. Also, we are to soon to reach the third installment of SSX. For those in the know, this is a highly addictive snowboarding game, easy to play, hard to master and great to watch. Also it seems that not content to sit on their laurels that Sony are not only working towards PS3, guessed to be released in 2005, but they are aim for the combined entertainment market with their new PSX idea. PSX combines PS2 with a TV tuner, hard drive and DVD recorder and is due out early next year. Looks like my piggybank is empty.

The battle begins here

The bbc is opening its doors to all comers. In a new interactive TV tournament are you ready to build the ultimate fighting machine. If so then you need to enter the Fightbox. FightBox is the radical entertainment experience where gaming meets TV to create a unique new sport for the 21st Century. Build a hero, make a legend. This week is Training Week, your chance to prepare for the fast approaching Official Qualification. Anyone can build a Warrior and enter Qualification. You need to be 18 or over and resident in the UK to appear on the Fightbox TV tournament. If you make it to the TV tournament, you’ll face not just other Warriors but also the mighty Sentients. The stakes are high: fail and be destroyed, succeed and become Supreme Fightbox Champion.

Clouds on the Horizon

Something I’ve never had much time for are the so called “Ambulance Chasing Lawyers” – individuals and companies who accost you in the street or ring you up and ask “Have you had an accident in the past three years?”, with the sole purpose of trying to get you to sue whoever was responsible, so that they can take their excessive fees. I’ve always thought that this brings out the worst in people, encouraging them to sue people and organisations for the silliest of reasons, not least their own clumsiness or incompetence. Thus, in this country alone, we have people suing their local councils because they tripped over a crack in the pavement when they should have been looking where they were going and the thief who sued a shop-owner after having a cash till thrown at him.

However, as frivolous lawsuits go, these pale into insignificance when consider the owners of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, who, according to North West tonight (local BBC TV News), are contemplating suing the BBC, because the weather reports they give are too vague, and people might be put off going to Blackpool if bad weather is mentioned. They claim that every time this happens, their takings drop significantly, even if the weather in Blackpool isn’t actually as bad as the forecast claims. To be fair, a large part of their gripe is with the national forecast, where a mention of possible bad weather in the North West may not mean Blackpool specifically, but is apparently taken as such by potential visitors, however, even given this, I suspect they’re on to a lost cause.

Links not supplied as they were not found, after minimal research. If you can find any of these stories online, please let me know.


Marvel comics announced the Epic line a while ago. The idea is that writers from all over can send in pitches and have them read, maybe even produced. I’ve been umming and ahhing about it and finally decided to pitch a Union Jack story to them. I’ve got a rough plan together, but I need to flesh it out and research twentieth century British history, Celtic mythology and Marvel characters and continuity. The last isn’t too hard, what with the Marvel Directory listing almost every character and The Chronology Project sorting out their appearances.

Hopefully I can layer in enough stuff to have a satisfying superhero story that has wide appeal, without sacrificing too much ‘Britishness’. It’s going to cover racial tension, parallel realities, Tir Na Nog, devolution, Empire, World War 2, Artificial Intelligence, classic cars and mountain bikes. I’m hoping to sneak lyrics in there and somehow someone has to utter the immortal “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!