Clouds on the Horizon

Something I’ve never had much time for are the so called “Ambulance Chasing Lawyers” – individuals and companies who accost you in the street or ring you up and ask “Have you had an accident in the past three years?”, with the sole purpose of trying to get you to sue whoever was responsible, so that they can take their excessive fees. I’ve always thought that this brings out the worst in people, encouraging them to sue people and organisations for the silliest of reasons, not least their own clumsiness or incompetence. Thus, in this country alone, we have people suing their local councils because they tripped over a crack in the pavement when they should have been looking where they were going and the thief who sued a shop-owner after having a cash till thrown at him.

However, as frivolous lawsuits go, these pale into insignificance when consider the owners of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, who, according to North West tonight (local BBC TV News), are contemplating suing the BBC, because the weather reports they give are too vague, and people might be put off going to Blackpool if bad weather is mentioned. They claim that every time this happens, their takings drop significantly, even if the weather in Blackpool isn’t actually as bad as the forecast claims. To be fair, a large part of their gripe is with the national forecast, where a mention of possible bad weather in the North West may not mean Blackpool specifically, but is apparently taken as such by potential visitors, however, even given this, I suspect they’re on to a lost cause.

Links not supplied as they were not found, after minimal research. If you can find any of these stories online, please let me know.