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All Hail to Texas Politicians:

Straight from Wired:

“Talk about slippery politicians. The makers of the lubricant WD-40 are objecting to three Texas lawmakers calling themselves “the WD-40s” — they’re white Democrats over 40. A company attorney sent a cease-and-desist letter to the group. The trio responded sweetly, “We were not aware that your client harbored reservations about doing business with Anglo white males over 40.” The letter, backed by a couple of Republican representatives, also suggested that Texas shares of WDFC stock worth millions could be sold to help with a state-budget shortfall. The lawmakers’ letter ended: “God bless the Rural White Boys and God bless Texas.” One of the WD-40s says nobody meant to offend, and endorsed the product: “Bubbas love WD-40.”

Heavensent- Chapter 9, Part 15

The satchel was passed down the ravine and trip grenades set across the widest gaps. By twos, the squad pulled back to the level of Kess’ sniper perch. The young marksman, meanwhile, had been putting sabots through the fuel tanks of the exposed softskins.

The troops down by the road hadn�t noticed the spreading fuel. They had taken up positions in what little cover the drainage ditch afforded them and were holding back until the flanking squad caught Lensman�s men in a cross fire. In all the shooting they hadn�t heard the fire fight in the woods and didn�t yet know they were waiting in vain.

Kess was about out of rounds for his long rifle, he had scattered his spare bag when he was shot. So he was, reluctantly, ready to abandon it. But, before that, he wanted to experiment. There was some tracer ammunition in his bag from a heavy autogun that was almost the same calibre. His original plan had been to experiment and make up a long range incendiary. He would mount them in one digit shell casings and wrap them sabot style so they would seat correctly into the rifling. But he didn�t have the time for that now. He wrapped the shells and casings in thin bandages, knowing it could jam in the barrel and destroy the gun.

�We do not have much time, young man.� Lensman reminded Kess.

�Three shots. I promise to make them count.�

Kess lined up on the fuel tank of the middle truck. He didn�t know exactly how the bullet would fly, but hoped aiming for the middle of the tank would allow him enough margin of error. The sound of the shot was totally different to normal and flaming wadding expelled from the barrel and gave his position away. He cycled another round in as quickly as possible.

Down by the road everyone caught sight of the high speed firefly. They followed its path to the truck where it exploded in a shower of white sparks. The fuel lit, flames rushed away from the truck and its canvas cover darkened and set fire. Another tracer came from the forest, flying high and wide. It didn�t matter. The fire had spread to the other trucks. In the middle truck, ammunition began cooking off. Explosions sent shrapnel and flaming debris flying in all directions. The soldiers huddled deeper into their cover and hoped that it would keep them safe.

Kess examined the remains of his beloved rifle. The second shot had shattered the barrel. He threw it away into the trees. �Well done.� Lensman congratulated him, �But now we really must leave.� Kess was helped up and given a branch to use as a prop. He wasn�t the only injured member of the squad, which dropped its speed to accommodate them.

The gully narrowed even further, forcing them to make their way by hopping from rock to rock. Halfway up this ravine they heard explosions behind them, the first of the trip grenades. They lightened their explosives load by packing satchels full of charges under overhanging rocks and leaving them on timed fuses.

Reality check

I’m fascinated by guns and keep reading about them (but, perversely, I’m glad I live in a country that doesn’t have the USA’s gun culture), but I don’t know if Kess’ bodge in the preceding piece would work. Anyone who knows anything about modifying shells to fire from weapons with different calibres please get in touch and tell me the proper way to do this.

Snake Oil

Damian has come up with a Blogshares related marketing ploy. He has gifted me 50 Movable Type shares to be distributed as I see fit. His plan is one each to a selection of players, who, hopefully, shall repay the kindness with a mention for the world’s funnest blog.

I think it’s only right that I also stick blogs I have stock in into my BlogRoll, cause I’m sure that’ll up the value. I was going to start a separate StockRoll, but I’d have to sign up for BlogRoll Gold to get another roll going on, so that’s been put off for a while.

Other plans involve some research into includes and requires in PHP to see if I can cut the front page down into smaller processing chunks so that things start appearing on your screen faster (Penny keeps complaining that she can’t get Spinneyhead at work and it crashes Explorer, I’m guessing because it times out.)

But first I have to go and watch Buffy.

All Hail Bank Holiday Monday

Well with a day off and nothing better to do than surf the internet for stupidity, I have crawled through the depths of the internet to bring you:

1.DuckHunt – The original Nintendo game is now on the net. Good for a few laughs.

2. Virtual Dog Shite Creator – Its amazing what university students can do with Linux and thousands of pictures of dog kaka. Just look at all the options.

3. Safer America – This company stocks just about everything for the modern citizen concerned about terrorists. The environ-bubble, parachute and SARS protection tablets should do the trick for all those “amber” alert days.

4. Meet Stuart – Hes just your average carbon based life form. This must be a joke.

Last night I found something that may have been mentioned before on this site but still worth a revisit. Ali Davis, a 31 year old post feminist from the Chicago area happens to be a adult video store clerk. Now that is not too interesting, but she has been posting to her blog the customer behaviors and good insight as to how porn operates in the sane and not so sane people that buy/rent it. Take a look for yourself.

Thanks very much to for the game contributions.

Kwak is good

But Kwak is bad,

but Kwak is good.

It’s very, very hard to find information on line about this damn fine beer, probably because of the effect excessive consumption has on the brain cells. I remember, sort of, many fine nights involving its consumption.

Oh, okay, I don’t really remember, but I have filled in the blanks with witty repartee and tales of gallantry.


Available from Bar Fringe. (Do I get my free bottle now?)

Willow … (Again)….

Ok, so Willow is in FHM’s 100 sexiest women, or at least the actress is. Is that the sound of Ian running out for a copy? Anyway, find your dream date from the buffy the vampire series Here. Ian’s match is unsurprisingly, WIllow.

The evil webmaster would like to point out: You’ll have to make it known that Willow is mine. All mine, y’hear!

Hats Off

I want to believe this NYTimes article is one big joke, but I know that such fashion lemmings do exist.

The rise and rise of the ‘trucker hat’ as a fashion fad. I don’t like the look of them, or their urban cousins baseball caps, but I also have a sort of reverse snobbery anger about practical clothes being adopted by poncey pretentious fashionistas. It makes me want to bash them about the head with a baseball bat (or a truck, which would be apt in this case) whilst telling them to get their own life and stop stealing bits of other, better, people’s.

Rant over.

via TheAngryGirl