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Dave, being easily bored, fed Spinneyhead into a translator on Friday. He converted the site to Korean and back again. The header and contact lines became- This the contact Spinneyhead where me is not the beautiful house – RSS – the picture – Heavensent – is the army and – the sound Brian – Alan’s evil unit of the goods – Johnny – Whilst Daz’s piece about new Playstation kit-

Thursday, May 29, 2003

It is time to smash those piggybanks

It seems to be a conspiracy to make you spend lots of money on PS2 stuff. Already we have heard of the new GT4 coming. Also, we are to soon to reach the third installment of SSX. For those in the know, this is a highly addictive snowboarding game, easy to play, hard to master and great to watch. Also it seems that not content to sit on their laurels that Sony are not only working towards PS3, guessed to be released in 2005, but they are aim for the combined entertainment market with their new PSX idea. PSX combines PS2 with a TV tuner, hard drive and DVD recorder and is due out early next year. Looks like my piggybank is empty.


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I guess that’s a big problem with machine translation, it finds the best match each time for phrases without judging the overall theme or context. Translate a recipe for dumplings enough times and you’d probably end up with Shakespeare.

Google is now available in Klingon, sadly they don’t have a translation service- I’d love to see what Spinneyhead looked like in Worf’s tongue.