Luft '46

I’ve probably mentioned this site before, but it’s a cool ‘what if?’ trip, and one of the inspirations for the tech level of Heavensent. It’s also back up and working again after a period of broken links and dropped images. Today’s visit unearthed details of two dirt cheap pulse jet powered fighters, the Junkers Ju EF126 “Elli” and Blohm & Voss BV P.213. They have such an air of desperation and resourcefulness about them that I have to incorporate them into the story at some point. In fact, I think the air corps of the Hidden Army (see chapter 6) should have some.

I’m collecting Luft ’46 style planes and equipment for a large diorama. Anyone who wants to contribute to the collection can find all sorts of cool kits at Hannants. I should start a Wants List.