Daily archives: June 9, 2003


Way, way back in the day, when Johnny and I worked for The Gas, we nearly built the system to pay the commision for the company’s field sales force. These are the guys who come around and knock on your door and try to entice you into signing up for gas/ electric/ phone/ credit card etc. (often by telling you your John Hancock’s needed ‘for information only’). If there’s one thing I learnt from working with salemen for four years, it’s that I hate salesmen. So there were little sniggers of joy when I found that BG are sacking half their sales force. Hopefully they can get rid of some of the idiot middle management whilst they’re about it.

Of course, it’s not all good news. In amongst the idiots there are a few decent people, mostly working admin and data analysis. With any luck they can move on to better things.

Remember- always wash your hands after dealing with a salesman.

Flag shopping anyone?

I haven’t ever really thought of buying a flag, but with the July 4th George Bush tribute fire coming up, I thought what the heck. I HIT THE MOTHERLOAD! It turns out that a British company called Mr. Flag sells just about every flag under the sun. Ian and company I trust will use this link to choose the USA flag of choice; I prefer the original Betsy Ross 13 star one myself, but hey, why not a 23, 38 or 48 star one?

If you choose it, it will come via 1st class recorded delivery.