Daily archives: June 11, 2003

Domestic God

A study by sociologists shows that men who share in the housework, and make time with their kids for more than the traditional sports etc., have better adjusted offspring.

They also get laid more.

I do most of what little housework gets done around here (it’s only fair as Daz and Emily are out breadwinning) now I just have to find a woman to appreciate it.

There is one point in the report I have to take issue with- According to their research, fathers still do less than mothers, but they are increasingly likely to assume at least some responsibility for tasks like shopping and driving the kids to school. No kid of mine is getting driven to school, unless it’s on a bus with a load of other schoolchildren. The school run is stupid, wastes the time of the parents and other road users and doesn’t make the brats any safer. As soon as I know where any child of mine is going to school I’m going to set up a Safe Routes to School group or whatever is required. If I do it a couple of years in advance then it should be running smoothly by the time the sprogs need it.

via BoingBoing

Small Print

Yeep! The Monitor Duty guys’ reading of the new Cafe Press terms of service is very worrying. It seems they want to fine underperforming stores and make a copyright grab on all the stuff that’s been uploaded to their servers. I’m going to go through the ToS later and see if I read it that way as well. Then maybe I’ll go looking for alternatives.
(BTW the spinneyhead store at Cafe Press is here. I might as well plug it whilst it’s still in operation.)

Revision Precision

While finding it rather rich that Condoleeza and others are now blaming “revisionist” history tactics for the lack of WMDs, what the hey. Irony is elusive in the states. Let’s just hope “revisionist history” and “roadmap” do not become the overused monikers like every other phrase from the war..

Better things. Sun. Sea. Sand. Not here.

I wanted to play cards, but didn’t want to use the Iraqi most wanted as it’s hard to differentiate between colour and value. Instead I have ordered up some “Most Unwanted Cards” featuring the Dixie Chicks, Tony Blair etc..What a great gift idea.

Now back to the Fo’ Shizzling of Ma’ Nizzling: You got the name. Now you need the all the appropriate gear. Get to BlingBay right now and check it yo’.