Daily archives: June 13, 2003

Union Black

As I’m writing a proposal for Union Jack I’m thinking a lot about the symbolism of our national flag. The UJ costume is essentially the flag pasted onto a skintight suit (with requisite utility belt and mask). One of the characters I want to introduce is a black guy who shall represent the English part of the nation, he’ll probably end up with a St. George cross on a black background for his costume, or he might get to wear the UJ suit so he can do the “This Union Jack is all black!” line.

Nigel Turner, of the Reflag campaign, has redesigned the Union Jack flag so that there is some black in it.

via Die Puny Humans (Warren Ellis has been a busy bunny today.)

Ahead of myself

I should know by now not to believe in anything until I actually see it. BT won’t take me on until all the paperwork is finished, so I don’t actually start work until Wednesday at the earliest.

So I put in a call to another agency that had mentioned a better paying, shorter commuting job earlier in the week but not got back to me. I should know about that one on Monday, and if the answer is yes then I’m afraid that Johnny and BT will just have to cope without me.

For local people

Well, the Spinneyhead shop at Cafe Press has closed, as I’m certain that I’d end up paying the monthly fee because of low sales. Shame. Now I will have to go ahead and sell merchandise straight from the site, I guess. As I commented in a reply earlier-

As it was- when I started it- free to maintain, I set [the Cafe Press shop] up with an eye to the future. It was another way to draw attention to Spinneyhead and ensure there’d be a ready pool of merchandise when we hit critical mass and people wanted tchotchkes.

I guess Cafe Press have discovered they’ve got so many low volume shops being created that their server and traffic costs have rocketed and this is their way of trimming or fleecing what they consider to be dead wood.