Wish List 2

Okay, so I’m feeling a little greedy today. And I’ve been wandering around bookshops both real and virtual, which always gives me a hankering for printed matter. Added to the wish list are-

Branded by Alissa Quart, about the global conglomo-corps attempts to dominate the teen market. Pretty much a companion piece to No Logo.

Fat Land by Greg Critser. How America came to have the fattest population on the planet (bar, apparently, a couple of Polynesian islands).

The Geurilla Film Maker’s Handbook by Genevieve Jolliffe and Chris Jones. One day I’d really like to make a low/ no budget film. I’ve had a few ideas- from shorts to full length romcoms, but lack the sort of technical knowledge this will provide.

ArchiLab’s Earth Buildings: Radical Experiments in Land Architecture. I want to learn more about architecture, particularly energy efficient/ low impact stuff.

The Company by Robert Littel. A 50 year story of the CIA which spins its tale into and around actual Cold War events.

If any of the rest of Team Spinneyhead have wish lists I’ll put up links to them in the side bar.