Wasted day

Not completely, but hardly as productive as I’d have liked.

The agency haven’t got back to me about the BT job. I’ve been waiting for them to call me, tomorrow morning I’m calling them to find out what the hold up is now. The other job looks like a non-starter as well.

I’ve been waiting for a call from my guy I’m doing the freelance work for. He’d call my mobile so, in theory, I could have gone awandering. Except that he’d be calling me up about things I need the computer to do.

And even if I hadn’t been hanging around moping over a phone that won’t ring, there’s little I could do because I don’t have any money. There are various reasons, including the Housing Benefit people being as crap/ overwhelmed as they were last time.

I’m annoyed. I’m not free enough of worries and responsibilities that I can just get out and enjoy the sun and I can’t do anything about it because the people I need to talk to won’t phone me.

[Moan over.]