Whitehall Farce

Top Tory aide in sex party scandal!

Dougie Smith, a Conservative party strategist, runs Fever swingers partys in his spare time. It’s a non-profit (allegedly) organisation that organises high class orgies. Films like Scandal and my small but perfectly formed collection of Victorian erotica suggest that the ruling classes have always been into this sort of thing. The Tory matrons are probably most offended that he dared to commercialise it, he’s been found out and it’s just possible the lower classes do this sort of thing in our more equal age.

Ann Widdecombe, the former shadow home secretary, said: “For those who wonder if the modernising agenda of Cchange is going too far, this is precisely the sort of thing that gives cause for that wonder.

“I certainly don’t regard it lightheartedly. I take a dim view of that sort of behaviour.”

But then, she’s probably never been invited.